Itinerary YonaY Shahraini

To have a personalized meeting, create a profile on YonaY World and complete the profile with your meeting age preferences, interests in learning, countries visited, among others, to make your experience more special: My Profile

  • 8 dinners, one dinner every week for 2 months
  • 8 gastronomic cultures
  • Groups of 6 people
  • Kid welcome gift

Every Wednesday at 8pm for 8 weeks, from the itinerary reservation.

During the meeting, you will meet new people, who like you have signed up for the itinerary, and you will meet once a week for two months. In each meeting, you will meet at a restaurant that we will previously indicate to the entire group, where you will enjoy a menu with appetizer, main, dessert and drink of typical food from any country in the world. The duration of the stay is between 1.5-2 hours. And all the restaurants where you will stay will be in the city of Barcelona, easily accessible by public transportation.

At the end of the itinerary, you will have created friendship among the group and you will have tried food from 3 different countries, and you will be sent a YonaY World passport in which you will have the countries tried stamped.

note: If you cannot attend one of the days after purchasing the Itinerary, you can send an email to a week before the date to receive a refund of the proportional part.

YonaY Shahraini comes from the word شهرين (Shahraini) which in Arabic means two months.

360.00 €