Frequent questions

How do the itineraries work?

The itineraries are a series of meeting programs that take place in different restaurants in the city of Barcelona. Each restaurant represents a different culture, where food from that culture is served. The meetups are made with other people who also purchase the itineraries on the YonaY World website, who make up the meetup group. These groups are people who meet at the first meeting of each itinerary, and will continue to meet at the following meetings scheduled for the itinerary, with the aim of meeting new people from different cultures to try the gastronomy of the world from Barcelona.

How can I purchase an itinerary?

From the YonaY World website, you have 3 itineraries available, you can purchase any of the itineraries by purchasing directly from the website.

In which restaurants are the itinerary hangouts?

There are a number of restaurants that YonaY World works with to schedule meet-ups on YonaY World customers' itineraries. These restaurants are Mexican, Italian, Moroccan, French, Senegalese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Ukrainian, Lebanese, Venezuelan, Colombian restaurants, among others. All of them are located in the city of Barcelona and can be easily accessed by public or private transport.

The information on the name and location of each restaurant is provided after the purchase of the itineraries to the clients, to organize the meetings and make them safe for our clients.

What do the prices of each itinerary include?

All the meals you will eat in the restaurants of each of the stays that make up the purchased itinerary. Various meals and a drink (to choose from in each restaurant). Any dietary restrictions you have will be considered in the reservations before each meeting and will not entail any additional cost.

Meals, drinks, and meeting management are included in the prices paid when purchasing an itinerary. Clients do not have to pay in the restaurants, just go to the meetups, meet the group and eat and enjoy the cultural exchange.

Can I buy an itinerary without registering as a user?

Yes, anyone can purchase an itinerary without being registered on the website. But if you want to make your experience more personalized, be with a group with whom you share more values, and have a YonaY World passport, you will need to be registered so we can get to know you more. Without being registered, we will know who you are when you provide us with your contact information during the purchase, and that will be enough to manage your stays on the itinerary you have purchased.

What age group are the participants?

Any person of legal age can participate in the meetups if they have previously purchased the itinerary. The age range is wide to enrich cultural exchange because each person has something to contribute and helps connect society more. However, if you prefer that your meeting group belongs to a specific age range, you must be registered as a user on the YonaY World page and indicate your preferred age group for the group with which you will be assigned.

Do I have to pay anything in restaurants?

No, meals and one drink per restaurant are included in the price you pay. If you order something extra at the restaurant, which has not been reserved and confirmed by YonaY World, you will have to pay the restaurant, but if not, all the dishes and drinks and reservations will be taken care of by YonaY World, as well as the payment management.

What happens if I cannot attend any of the meetings on the itinerary I have purchased?

If you notify one week before the scheduled meeting, that is, 7 days before the day scheduled for the meeting in question, YonaY World will return the corresponding financial amount of the meeting, dividing the price of the itinerary by the number of meetings that the itinerary has. . To cancel and request a refund for a meeting, an email must be sent to 7 days before the meeting.

Will my money be refunded if I can't go?

Yes, if you notify 7 days before the day of the meeting by sending an email to

What is the YonaY World Passport?

The YonaY World passport is available to registered users on the YonaY World website where the list of countries and gastronomic cultures that each user has experienced through the assistance of the itineraries they have purchased is displayed.

For the Tsuki and Sahraini itineraries, a physical YonaY World passport is provided where the restaurants stamp the attendees at each meeting on the itineraries confirming that they have attended the meeting and have tried the food from the restaurant's country.

Can I know who the people in my group will be before meeting them at the meetings?

Yes, once you have purchased any of the itineraries, YonaY World will send you the details of the itinerary, which will include the locations of the restaurants and the dates and times of each meeting, as well as a list of the names of the people that you will meet at the meeting.

When will I be informed where the meetups are from?

After purchasing any of the itineraries on the YonaY World website, we will send you the list of restaurants, by name and location of each of them, and the days and times in which the meetings will take place. In addition, you will be notified a week before and a day before each meeting as reminders of the name, location, day and time of the next meeting scheduled for the itinerary.

Can I inform the restaurant of my allergies?

Yes, when purchasing some of the itineraries, you will be asked to provide us with information about your allergies and food restrictions and we as YonaY World will reserve the most suitable meal for you in the restaurants and will notify the restaurant so that they too Be informed so that they do not serve you food that you cannot eat.

What happens if I have a problem with a member of the group on my itinerary?

In this case, we ask that you send us an email to with your name, the itinerary you have attended, the place and time the conflict took place and the name of the member and we will study the case, and take appropriate measures to ensure safety and good coexistence during the itinerary meetings.

How can I complain about restaurants?

If you have any discomfort in any of the restaurants on the itineraries, please send us an email to with the name of the restaurant and describing the case so that we can take the appropriate measures.