Open yourself to international friends from Barcelona!

The itineraries are meetups in Barcelona with a group of 4 or 6 people that you will meet on the same meetups, these people will be from different cultures than yours. You will be in groups with people like you and we will know this from the questions we ask you when completing your profile. With this group you will go out to dinner and try new cultures while learning from each other about the dishes you eat, your cultures, and the cultures of the dishes you try.

There are 3 different itineraries depending on which one suits you best, in terms of time. After each meeting you will have an online passport in your profile that you will have to complete. When you finish the chosen itinerary you will have a culture level score, which would define how much you have learned by sharing these experiences about the world


Itinerary 1 day

3 hours of tasting

3 different restaurants

3 gastronomic cultures

Group of 4 people

60 euros

Itinerary Tsuki

4 dinners

4 gastronomic cultures

Group of 6 people

Welcome gift kit

180 euros

Itinerary Shahraini

8 dinners

10 gastronomic cultures

Groups of 6 people

Welcome gift kit

360 euros

Why YonaY World?

Connecting CulturesThe gastronomic meetings are in restaurants in the city of Barcelona where you will meet other people from different countries and cultures than yours.

Learn about the WorldIn the meetings you will talk and learn first-hand another vision of people from different cultures than yours.

Create CommunitiesIn a relaxed atmosphere and around food you will establish friendships and connections that you never before believed you could have.

PeaceThe best way to break prejudices is to talk while you try the gastronomy of different parts of the world with people who will contribute and contribute to you.

Dialogue and understand each other

During the meetings there will be several topics of conversation with the group in which you are assigned where you can talk to share experiences and visions about the world, always with respect and understanding.

Create new friendships

You will make friends that you never thought you could have, you will be different in terms of cultures but you will share the same concerns and values for life.

YonaY World

We connect the cultures of the world, break barriers and eat with people from other cultures while we break stereotypes and connect as people of the world from Barcelona

Do you know how many cultures there are in the world?

The world is divided into 7 continents, with a total of approximately 200 countries. Each country has its languages, dialects, regions and cultures and of course, variety in gastronomy that has united people for thousands of years. Food has served to create communities, families, in all cultures of the world, the most popular custom is to gather around food to celebrate births, celebrations, new years, weddings, religious festivities, etc.

There is only peace when there is food, so in the modern world we want to bring people from different cultures and countries together to create new friendships, breaking down barriers while enjoying the food of other cultures and learning more about them.



What all cultures in the world share in common is that we come together to eat, so joining together to eat dishes from other cultures while meeting people from those cultures and others will be the best way to connect as citizens of the world


YonaY World

Cultures create communities, and communities create societies. Connecting cultures is connecting society